ITM 1&2 Gifts and Bonuses


~ An invitation to our private facebook group. You’ll get to know the community of ITM students, have your questions answered, practice with your peers and learn much more than you’d learn by yourself.

~ Access to our private student call replay archive with over 150 hours of insights, answers, and healing optimizations. We come up with new protocols all the time. You will not find this information anywhere else.

~ Personal individual attention from founder, Barbara Robins. Barbara makes time in her schedule every week to help her students. "I don't quit until you succeed!"


You are automatically placed on our 24/7 Program for Accelerated Manifestation for THREE MONTHS. (a $75 value)

This program runs from our office round the clock sending you energetic optimizations to accelerate your growth and the manifestation of your goals and wishes.

• It activates and aligns you with your own angelic Task Support team which focuses on helping you with your personal daily tasks, moment by moment.

• It activates and aligns you with your own Money Prosperity team. This is a personalized group of other dimensional financial planners that psychically advise you on how to create more wealth according to your current and projected life's mission, based on your akashic and other records.

• It works in a way that clears obstacles from in front of you so you can move forward more quickly with ease.

==>>Those who are already using this 24/7 Program find they have a more positive viewpoint, and things they have been trying to move forward on but were stuck, are now happening. Some have also found they have more ideas of how and what to accomplish than they had before. They have also experienced a general sense of things manifesting at a faster rate.

The 24/7 program is a monthly subscription program that runs for you from our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I've been running it for myself since 2/06 and even now, if I stop it for myself, I immediately notice a "winding down" so I always put it right back on.