How Distant Healing Works

The following is from the book "Living from the Heart: Exploring Subtle Energy in the New Millennium." by Mark Greenia.

Experiments in Quantum Physics have shown that certain particles can effect each other at great distances, with no apparent connection between them. Physical proximity is not required, since ... energy ... transcends space-time. One can also send positive energies into future space-time events or past space-time events, since the intent and the energies exist outside the human construct we call time.

A distance session works on three principles:

1. The principle of interconnectedness. As energy beings, we co-exist with other energy beings in a vast interconnected web of energy. At the sub-atomic level, the tiny vibratory energy quanta that make up all matter and energy ... respond to our intent, ... to our focused intention. Our focused intention is a faculty that exists outside of space-time but can have effects in space-time.

2. The second principle is that of non-locality of events. This means that the energetic forces at work during a distance energy session can create effects at a remote location simultaneously with the intention at the source point. The energy does not have to "travel" a specific distance away. It is capable of bringing about a resonant effect instantaneously at the point of reception.

3. The third principle is that of soul love. During a distance energy session, the practitioner connects at a soul level with the person receiving the treatment. This is a love connection at the heart level and at other levels. This is a beautiful and powerful connection that responds to the loving intent of the practitioner, regardless of the distance involved.

Distance Energy Sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment or a substitute for the medical advice of your physician.