Compare ITM, Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics

Are you trying to decide which energy healing training to pursue? How do you choose the training that is best for you at this time in your life?

The Law of Attraction says "Like Attracts Like."

WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOUR VIBRATION? I'm going to walk you through a short process so you can determine what's right for you.

1. First I want you to breathe into your center. Imagine a circle around you that eliminates all outside interference. In a moment, not now but when you finish reading this step, glance at each of the homepages below. In your mind notice which one gives you more of a feeling of comfort and trust. Now look at the homepages and then come back to read Step 2.

2. Trust what you are sensing in Step 1. Research the modality more thoroughly. As you learn more about it you may find your sensing gets stronger, and more confident. You know it is the right process for you to learn in this moment. However, if you begin to have doubts, your confidence is telling you to research another healing process.

Which Homepage Vibe is Inviting You?

The Yuen Method, Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations (ITM) and Matrix Energetics all sync nicely with eachother. Learn one, or all, in any order that seems right for you. (The Into This Moment training will show you how to blend these and many other transformational healing approaches into one seamless technique. I recommend you learn ITM first as knowing the ITM process helps you when learning other modalities.)

The vibe of the instructor and the healing modality can be sensed by quieting yourself and becoming aware of what you feel while you review the trainer's website. Here are snapshots of the homepages.